The Challenge

School choice programs across the nation offer new and exciting options for families. But while many private schools would love to offer all students—in particular students with disabilities—a high-quality, inclusive education, many schools are simply unprepared. Consequently, students are unable to take advantage of many school choice opportunities and schools are unable to develop diverse student populations that enrich students and educators. The unprecedented challenge brought on by the COVID-19 crisis presents a unique window for change. Across the country, school leaders have made herculean efforts to adapt and evolve their programs to meet the needs of their students. This is the perfect time to expand opportunities for students with disabilities, knowing that a universal design for learning will benefit all students.

The Solution

The Arizona Inclusion Network—a community of educators dedicated to expanding high-quality, inclusive education opportunities for students with disabilities and to providing participants with strategic, ongoing, and multi-tiered support to meet the needs of each learning community. Through the Network, school leaders will receive professional development as well as onsite training, peer networking, and online collaboration. Because the needs, resources, and capabilities of each learning community will vary, we will customize support and services within a framework that offers four distinct paths: explore, launch, transform, and sustain. This continuum offers multiple entry points to meet the individual needs of learning communities.

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Making School Choice a Reality for Students with Disabilities